Puiforcat Timbale Anne d'Autriche

Anne of Austria beaker

Style classique

The Anne of Austria tumbler is a masterpiece from the lifelong collection of silverwork assembled by Louis-Victor Puiforcat. It stands out among these precious objects forged for the crowned heads of Europe by the greatest silversmiths of past centuries, applying their remarkable savoir-faire. Queen Anne of Austria, mother of Louis XIV, is said to have presented this solid gold chalice to one of her attendants, Anne Gabory. We may never know if this tale is apocryphal. Nevertheless, the beaker remains a rare specimen of the golden tableware prized by 16th century monarchs.

Sterling silver

Puiforcat Timbale Anne d'Autriche

Housed today in the Louvre Museum, it continues to inspire the House of Puiforcat, even serving as its emblem – the inspiration for the undulating silhouette featured on the logo derives from the play of light on the voluted furrows of the historic beaker.

Since the beginning, Puiforcat's prestigious catalogue has included a vermeil reproduction of the piece. In 2016 however, the workshop's master craftsmen – who traditionally ply their trade with sterling silver – have created a replica in 20-carat gold. This precious chalice comes in a stained sycamore case lined in black leather. The beaker's voluted furrows and delicately engraved flowers and flourishes – exhibiting a jewelry-like finesse – also feature on another exceptional piece, a gilded sterling silver serving dish.

Anne d'Autriche édition précieuse
Puiforcat Timbale Anne d'Autriche


The iconic golden chalice|of Queen Anne of Austria


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