Biennais desktop 2

Biennais candy dish

The Emperor's canteen

This outstanding set is the exact replica of a piece by Martin-Guillaume Biennais, silversmith to the French emperor Napoléon Bonaparte. The circular, flat-bottomed candy dish with four equally sized divisions arranged around a central section was used as a “lunch tray” on the battle fields by the famous French military and political leader. The original piece was eventually offered by Bonaparte to one of his closest marshal, Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, who eventually became king of Sweden and Norway in 1818.

Sterling silver

Biennais savoir faire

The gold gilt replica is typical of the imperial taste. The round tray houses four compartments. The dids, ornamented with knurled friezes and chiseled palmettes, conceal the dish’s contents, which may only be revealed by lifting one of the decorative knobs: a hunting dog perched in the center of an embroidered rose-window, or an acorn in the center section.

Biennais vignette 2

Biennais benefitted from very unique favors from the emperor. Not only he created all of the Emperors silversmithing but his workshop also got commissioned by many European royal courts.

Biennais Napoléon

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