BdA pot à crayons

Bureau d'Architecte

The silversmith and the architect

Since 1820, the House of Puiforcat has been reshaping the arts of tableware in its distinctive stylistic image. With Bureau d’architecte, Puiforcat is focusing on another table, delving into the office and soliciting the talents of an architect to design a line of highly refined yet eminently functional pieces. From letter stands to bookends, paper trays to tape dispensers, pencil holders to secret boxes, the Bureau d’Architecte line comprises nine handcrafted pieces in silver- and gold-plated brass

Silver- and gold-plated brass

Joseph Dirand

A champion of minimalism, Joseph Dirand took an architectural approach to the design of these items, bringing into play his finely-tuned sense of structure, rhythm and space to fashion a miniature landscape – a sort of landscaped desk where the brilliance of gold and silver intermingle.

Bureau d'architecte

Lines, flowing; lines rising. A fluid curve disappears inside a sharp angle, unyielding edges bolt straight. Gold and silver sparkle with mingled luster, the reflections of each playing off against the other’s, as if in a contest ruled by light. From the tumult, harmonious structures emerge. Graceful volumes are magnified by the purity of their constituent materials.

BdA bac A4
BdA dérouleur

Bureau d'Architecte, a collection of nine references in brass, plated in silver and gold, a numbered limited edition:

- Paper tray, ref. 315698

- Mail organiser, ref. 315701

- Pencil notes tray, ref. 315702

- Pencil cup, ref. 315703

- Secrets box, ref. 315704

- Tape dispenser, ref. 315696

- Bookends, ref. 315697

- Letter opener, ref. 315699 (not numbered)

- Picture frame, ref. 315700 (not numbered)

X comme XXIe siècle

XXIst century

Creating the traditions of tomorrow

K comme Kilos


The enduring gestures and techniques of silversmithing


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