Couverts Consulat


13 pieces

In the history of the arts of the table, Consulat flatware stands out as a central collection. It was created in the 18th century by silversmith François-Thomas Germain. The following century, another legend of silversmithing, Martin-Guillaume Biennais, prompted renewed enthusiasm for its gentle curves and the stunning balance of its design. Since then, this silver-plated model has known uninterrupted success on the most elegant tables. 

Silver plated

13 pieces

fourchette table consulat

Dinner fork

couteau table consulat

Dinner knife

cuiller table consulat

Dinner spoon

fourchette dessert consulat

Dessert fork

couteau dessert consulat

Dessert knife

cuiller dessert consulat

Dessert spoon

fourchette poisson consulat

Fish fork

consulat couteau poisson

Fish knife

fourchette salade consulat

Salad fork

cuiller the café consulat

Demitasse spoon

couteau beurre consulat

Butter spreader

cuiller a servir consulat

Serving spoon

fourchette à servir consulat

Serving fork

D comme Dégustation


Expert cutlery for all culinary experiences

D comme Dégustation

Golden ratio

A sense of proportion and balance


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