POS - Timbale à eau

Puiforcat Orfèvre-Sommelier

11 pieces

The House of Puiforcat has a knack for organizing remarkable encounters. To tackle the art of enjoying wine, the Maison brought together Lombardy native Enrico Bernardo, 2004 “World's Best Sommelier,” and London-based designer Michael Anastassiades, champion of minimalist elegance. Together, they rose to a formidable challenge: how were they to combine two substances that do not make for an ideal combination, metal and wine? Simple: by separating them! The partners thus imagined a chalice that would sit on a silver-plated metal base. What about the stem? It was simply eliminated. The relationship between the taster and the receptacle, the interaction between the nectar and the palate thus became more natural and sensual. 
In addition to this unprecedented glass, the different pieces making up the Puiforcat Orfèvre-Sommelier collection strive to meet the every need of wine lovers: decanter, champagne bucket, wine bucket and bottle holder, all with a mirror finish on the inner surface to reflect the image of the bottle. Not to mention the water beaker, which transforms the act of drinking into an aesthetic experience.

Silver plated


Gold plated

Pitchers and jugs

2 pieces

Puiforcat Orfèvre-sommelier


Puiforcat orfèvre-sommelier



1 piece

POS timbale



5 pieces

Verre à vin rouge

Red wine glass

Verre à vin blanc

White wine glass

Verre à vin liquoreux

Dessert wine glass

Verre à champagne

Champagne glass

Puiforcat orfèvre-sommelier

Liqueur glass


2 pieces

seau à champagne

Champagne bucket

Puiforcat orfèvre-sommelier

Six-bottle bucket

Small bowls and accessories

1 piece

dessous de bouteille

Bottle coaster

A comme Art déco

Art deco

The Maison's stylistic DNA

B comme Bar


Effervescence as an art de vivre


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