Fluidité service

Tea and coffee set Fluidité

Reading the future in tea and coffee

Coffee and tea sets made of sterling silver have existed practically since the introduction of these precious beverages in Europe. They also represent milestones within Puiforcat’s silversmithing history. Fluidité is Puiforcat’s latest coffee and tea set. The collection brings together five items of rare distinction: a teapot and tea cup, a coffee pot, sugar bowl, creamer and display tray; designed by Dutch designer Aldo Bakker.

Sterling silver

Fluidité cafetière

Finely trained in the intricacies of metalsmithing, Bakker was able to reinvent the venerable tradition that binds silver with tea and coffee.

“The challenge for me was to create objects that linked to each other by one design principle: the interaction between two parts. Each product needed to express this principle in its own way, but I wanted to avoid a repetition of shapes.”

Fluidité savoir-faire

The interaction is the leading notion. Carefully separated by the designer so as to better reconnect them while still maintaining unity, the interactions between two parts of the same object include: the body and lid of the sugar bowl, the pot and handle of the teapot, the arm and

bowl of the spoon. The interaction between lines with sharp edges and sections disrupt the rounded contour. The interaction between materials: sterling silver combines with ebony wood, and black shades of ruthenium mix with the soft reflections of gold.

Fluidité sucrier ou crémier

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