Couverts Zermatt


13 pieces

For his first foray into flatware, French designer Patrick Jouin drew inspiration from Zermatt, an opulent Swiss ski resort surrounded by breathtaking mountains including the 4478m summit of Matterhorn. The harsh majesty of the Alpine terrain is reflected in the strong, sharp lines of the fork and dinner knife. Fashioned in stainless steel, this collection created for the House of Puiforcat in 2010 has already been deemed a classic of contemporary design by authoritative observers: the world's top museums, from the Centre Pompidou in Paris to the New York Museum of Arts and Design, have sung its praises. 

Stainless steel

Silver plated


1 piece

Zermatt vasque sommelier

Three-bottle bucket


12 pieces

Zermatt fourchette table

Dinner fork

Zermatt couteau table

Dinner knife

Zermatt cuiller table

Dinner spoon

Zermatt fourchette dessert

Dessert fork

Zermatt couteau dessert

Dessert knife

Zermatt cuiller dessert

Dessert spoon

Zermatt fourchette poisson

Fish/Salad fork

Zermatt couteau poisson

Fish knife

Cuiller à thé/café

Demitasse spoon

Zermatt cuiller espresso

Mocha spoon

Zermatt beurre

Butter spreader

Fourchette ou cuiller à servir

Serving fork/spoon

Z comme Zermatt


Roller coasters as a source of inspiration

D comme Dégustation


Expert cutlery for all culinary experiences

D comme Dégustation

Golden ratio

A sense of proportion and balance

X comme XXIe siècle

XXIst century

Creating the traditions of tomorrow


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