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From a bar of silver to the finished piece, the path of a silversmith’s creation is a long one. But its full emotional value emerges at the end of its journey, in the hands of a master engraver. With the tip of her burin, Iris, an engraver in the Puiforcat workshop, imbues the selected piece with its singular identity. She thus writes the first chapter of a personal history, inextricably linked to the destiny of its owner or the sentiments conveyed to its recipient.

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A gleaming declaration of love

We have never had such a need to express our feelings, to declare them, to proclaim them. Those tender words soothe and sustain us. Like a gourmet treat, they are made to be savored. To transform a message into an everlasting symbol or a daily memento, engraving is the key!
For nearly two centuries, the men and women of Puiforcat have used their hands to enhance our everyday lives. With a delicate incision in the metal, the engraver imparts a hint of splendor into an object that accompanies our daily routine. 

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An etching on the handle of a spoon proclaims your passion. Thin shavings of silver fall away, revealing a tender pledge for your significant other. Fine hatching, curved or dotted, states our love for the one with whom we share our morning tea.

Puiforcat pieces are hand engraved upon request. 

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