Séléné by Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye

Puiforcat collection Séléné mise en scène dans une pièce en bois

Crafted by Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye, a Turco-Danish artist virtuoso, this set of four bowls and three vases, all in sterling silver, emulate the moon in mystery and radiance, mirroring its shifting shape and generous contours, its irresistible attraction, and delicate ridges.

Dinner Service by Donald Judd

Dinner Service by Donald Judd

In partnership with the Judd Foundation, Puiforcat is creating an eight-piece table service designed by American artist Donald Judd in the late 1980s and left behind in draft form upon his demise.

Monogrammes Puiforcat

Table dressée de pièces en métal argenté et assiettes à pain, creuse et à dîner de la collection Monogrammes de Puiforcat

With Monogrammes Puiforcat, these pairings of letters take center stage atop porcelain pieces, allowing clients to craft their own tableware.