Thanks to its exceptional savoir-faire, the House of Puiforcat offers bespoke creations. True to our stylistic identity and to the traditions of artistic silversmithing, our designers and craftsmen apply their skill and passion to meet our clients' most singular and personal requests, from designing to fashioning and finishing each unique object. Offered based on a pre-established quote, this service testifies to the unparalleled mastery that distinguishes the Puiforcat workshop. For more information, please contact our Paris store or our Customer Service Department.

Most Puiforcat collections are available for customization upon request: the craftsmen in our workshop will be pleased to satisfy your quest for the exceptional. Engrave the name of a loved one--or your own--on a napkin ring, etch a date into an eggcup or beaker, or even embellish the handle of flatware with initials or a coat of arms: engravers in our workshop use a burin to create these and other finishings, incising the metal as delicately as possible. To stylize the message down to the smallest details, the Maison offers three typographies: English letters, block letters or, for even greater sophistication, the Art Deco-inspired font designed by Jean Puiforcat in the 1930s. The final creation is unique and fully expresses the affection you feel for the recipient. All requests for engraving are subject to a price quote. Please allow two to three weeks for the creation of your customized piece. Some of our creations can be dipped in 24-carat gold, taking on an unparalleled glow reminiscent of traditional vermeil gilding for artistic silverwork. These exceptional customization services are offered on the basis of a price quote. Please contact our Customer Service Department for more information.

Sterling silver and silver-plated metal should be washed by hand with a soft sponge and soapy water. After washing, they must be carefully dried with a clean, dry cloth.

To maintain components made of precious wood – handles, etc. – simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Nonetheless, you should periodically apply a suitable wax to preserve the beauty of the various types of wood. Decorative items should be dusted with a soft rag.

Finally, for daily upkeep of your silver items, Puiforcat offers easy-to-use products that guarantee a perfect shine, including some silver dusters.


All Puiforcat cutlery may be machine washed.
However, we recommend taking certain precautions and choosing the right cleaning products: Powder detergent is preferable to chlorinated liquids, which should be used sparingly. Prior to each washing, be sure to separate sterling silver or silver-plated cutlery from steel items. For an optimal flow of water, knives should be placed in the silverware basket with the blades facing downward. Remove the cutlery at the end of the cycle, or at the very least leave the dishwasher door cracked to avoid condensation spots on the blades. To prevent scratches on the knives, ensure that they do not knock together. Nevertheless, it is natural for the finish to evolve with continued use and washing. The Couteaux d'Orfèvre collection requires particular techniques for upkeep. Hand washing is recommended to preserve the beauty of the exotic wood on the handle. Once rinsed, dry the knives with a soft cloth. The steel blades feature Evercut© technology, and thus never require sharpening.


The Cercle d'Orfèvre service, features decors embellished with exceptional materials. As such they require particularly care. They must be washed exclusively by hand, using warm water and a soft sponge. No strong detergent should be used.

The black and red decor of the Initiales service is made to withstand machine washing. Nonetheless, we recommend using non-chlorinated detergents. Finally, to ensure a long life for your tableware, we recommend placing soft paper dividers between your plates during storage. These dividers, provided upon purchase, ensure that plates do not knock together.


Puiforcat proposes two easy-to-use solutions for regular upkeep: A new renovating lotion, formulated for silver but also for vermeil and gold. In a single application, Puiforcat lotion eliminates the layer of oxidation that appears on the surface and provides long-lasting protection thanks to the antioxidants it contains. The decorations and chiseling are preserved thanks to the extreme finesse of its polishing agents.

A pack of two brown lotion-doused cotton dusters to eliminate oxidation on the surface of sterling silver or silver-plated pieces. This is the perfect product for regular care. To restore tarnished pieces to their original shine, simply buff them with a white chamois cloth. As well, in some drugstore you can find some long-lasting lotion to clean, polish and lastingly protect your items. The formula is perfectly suited to regular cleaning of cutlery

The quality of Puiforcat pieces is guaranteed by the various hallmarks each creation bears. Each and every object exhibits the hallmark of the House of Puiforcat, a pocket knife flanked with the initials E and P - for Émile Puiforcat, the master silversmith who founded the Puiforcat cutlery shop - within a diamond or oval shape. Sterling silver pieces feature a second and legally mandatory hallmark representing the head of goddess Minerva, certified by government decree, which attests to the purity of the metal.

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Puiforcat maintenance products on which we can read, on the left product "Renovating lotion, long lasting shine, silver, gilted silver & gold" and on the right product "cleaning cloths"
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