Heritage signature of contemporary French goldsmithing, Puiforcat combines since 1820 know-how and creation
in the world of tableware, decoration and beautiful use.


Donald Judd Eight-piece dinner set in sterling silver

Donald Judd Eight-piece dinner set in sterling silver

Monogrammes Puiforcat

Duos of letters created by Jean Puiforcat in the 1930s on small cards of 10 x 15cm now become the main ornament of a porcelain collection in half-measure. Each service is made to order, according to the tastes of each.

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Table dressée de pièces en métal argenté et assiettes à pain, creuse et à dîner de la collection Monogrammes de Puiforcat
Couverts Molière Mascaron en argent massif


Puiforcat stands out for its technical virtuosity in the craftmanship of cutlery. With a rich heritage of more than 100 varieties and thanks to the expertise of its artisans, Puiforcat offers three stylistic repertoires in its catalogue: Classic, Art déco and contemporary...

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Lexicon of silversmithing

In Puiforcat workshop, the silversmiths transmit to each other a corpus of techniques where meticulousness competes with skill, essential gestures that they implement in the service of silversmithing excellence.

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Puiforcat silversmith

The Puiforcat workshop

Planishing, repushing, chiselling, engraving... The techniques used in the workshop remain faithful to those of all the great goldsmiths of previous centuries. Credit: Brano Gilan + info
Intérieur du magasin Puiforcat avenue Gabriel à Paris

Metamorphosis of the 48 avenue Gabriel

In 2023, the Studio Charlotte Macaux Perelman renovates the historic Puiforcat store located avenue Gabriel in Paris, a place where intimacy blends with the exception…

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Biennais tea pot in sterling silver and wood

Art déco

Art déco
Art Déco Lamp Art Déco