13 pieces

Supremely refined, the only embellishment in this sterling silver cutlery designed by Jean Puiforcat in 1924 consists of three fine grooves in the handle. With this understated adornment, the silversmith-cum-designer created delicate plays of light and shadow on the surface.

Sterling silver

13 pieces

Fourchette de table

Dinner fork

Cuiller à dessert

Dessert spoon

Couteau de table

Dinner knife

Fourchette à dessert

Dessert fork

Cuiller de table

Dinner spoon

Couteau à beurre

Butter spreader

fourchette a huitre bayonne 50270

Oyster fork

Cuiller à thé/café

Demitasse spoon

Couteau à dessert

Dessert knife

Fourchette à poisson

Fish fork

Couteau à poisson

Fish knife

Fourchette à salade

Salad fork

Cuiller à petit-déjeuner

Tea spoon

D comme Dégustation


Expert cutlery for all culinary experiences

D comme Dégustation

Golden ratio

A sense of proportion and balance


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