Cercle d'Orfèvre

Cercle d'orfèvre

10 pieces

In the past, porcelain plates were bordered and cup handles were encased in a metallic armatures. Thus reinforced, porcelain tableware better withstood the trials and tribulations of travel and arrived undamaged. As a loving nod to this elegant custom, the Cercle d'Orfèvre collection also blends the fragile delicacy of white porcelain with the sturdy nobility of sterling silver.  
A pattern to inscribe on the porcelain, a message to engrave on the metal, a gilded finish and more: every piece in the collection is customizable upon request. 


Sterling silver

10 pieces

Cercle assiette presentation

Presentation plate

Cercle assiette américaine

Dinner plate

Cercle assiette dessert

Dessert plate

Cercle assiette creuse

Soup plate

Cercle assiette calotte

Cereal bowl

Cercle assiette pain

Bread and butter plate

Cercle plat rond plat

Round platter

PUIFORCAT-Cercle d'Orfèvre-Plat rond creux-101066

Deep round platter

Cercle plat a tarte

Round cake platter

Cercle saladier

Salad bowl

S comme Savoir-faire


Recognizing a legacy of expertise

V comme Voyage


Silverwork for sophisticated nomads


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