Granville collection, a line of spice mills

The House of Puiforcat, driven by a quest to combine form and function, is now extending its offering of everyday objects revolving around gastronomy. Its creations bring together cooking and indulging, in the kitchen or the dining room. The collection of kitchen knives, developed in partnership with Chef Pierre Gagnaire, set the stage. Today, Puiforcat, together with designer Grégoire de Lafforest, is introducing the Granville collection – a range of spice mills.

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Granville Collection

Salt, pepper and spice mills, as well as a spice box, these are the first elements from Granville, the new collection revealed by Puiforcat. A contemporary interpretation of the House aesthetic, they stand out for their simple, architectural contours, while the decorative features are associated to their functionality. The height of the mills, as well as the proportions of the fluting patterns ornamenting their surface, indicate the seasoning inside: salt, pepper or spices.

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Exceptional know-how

Their understated style belies the adjustable components hidden inside. Featuring high-tech CrushGrind® ceramic mechanisms, they can grind any type of pepper, salt or spices. The pepper mill works in a counterclockwise motion for a more moderate flow of pepper. The coated reservoirs ensure a perfect preservation of the spices. Interlinking the salt and pepper mills in a single unit, as easy as it looks, required offsetting the mechanism of the pepper mill, a true technical feat taken by Puiforcat.

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