Reference: 300741O

Butter spreader

Collection Chantaco

In this silver-plated model, the fluting on the rectilinear handle creates a beautiful contrast of light and shadow.

L 13 cmL 5.1 in
Silver plated

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Jean Elisée Puiforcat

Silversmith since 1920, Jean Puiforcat designed his first cutlery models in 1922. N°125, better known as Chantaco, was listed in the catalog in 1924. Made according to the canons of the Art Deco style, it is an illustration of Jean Puiforcat's reflection on the shape of the ideal cutlery: "I reduced the number of prongs and I stopped making them parallel, which allowed me to reinforce them while giving them a curve that does not break the unity of the piece". Comments reported by Maximilien Gauthier in his article "Jean Puiforcat - A goldsmith statuary" in L'Art Vivant, N°26, 1926.