Reference: 401721O


Collection Myosotis

The metal tumbler from which the epicurean Apicius sipped his wine during the reign of Augustus and Tiberius is one immemorial object. Passed down from one century to the next, this chalice has inspired history’s greatest silversmiths and led to works of even greater refinement. Puiforcat’s collections follow this tradition. Contemporary uses and innovative creations give new meaning to celebrations of these modern rituals that give cadence to our lives.

Height : 7,5 cm | Diam : 7 cm | 15 clHeight : 3 in | Diam : 2.8 in | 5.3 fl oz
Sterling silver

The Annecy collection is also available in epargne finish as well as in gold immersion, upon special request.

Puiforcat Annecy collection in sterling silver and gold gilt finish - set of three table cultery
Jean Elisée Puiforcat

Pure lines. Precise angles. The Art Deco style, a study in elegant precision, was incorporated into the House's vocabulary in the 1920s and 30s at the initiative of Jean Puiforcat, a member of the fourth generation of the family. Jean Puiforcat, an artist of his time and a visionary businessman, then applied this art of austerity to his pitchers, boxes and tea services, inventing Art Deco silversmithing.

Pièce de Haute Orfèvre