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Carving serving knife

Collection Royal

A masterpiece of grace, finesse and refinement, this naturalistic flatware was considered surprisingly bold when created by silversmith Nicolas Cornu in the 18th century. Its delicate openwork requires manual filing to reveal the nobility and beauty of the sterling silver. This exceptional piece is also available upon request in gilded silver.

L 28 cmL 11 in
Sterling silver

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Special finish

The Royal collection is also available in epargne finish as well as in gold immersion, upon special request.

Three pieces of table cutlery in sterling silver and gold gilt finish from collection Royal from Puiforcat
Table fork in sterling silver and gold gilt finish from Royal collection Royal from Puiforcat photographed in an ice cube, fixed upon a stone in front of a river

Enlightened lover of old silverware, Louis Victor Puiforcat had in his collection two very fine examples of spoons made by goldsmith Nicolas Cornu: a small silver-gilt teaspoon and a pierced sugar spoon. Both dated from the late 1770s and are now in the Louvre Museum. As early as the 19th century, the Aucoc goldsmith house produced a cutlery service that was very clearly inspired by Cornu's style. By one of the happy coincidences of history, the Puiforcat house acquired in the 1960s several models from the Aucoc house which had ceased its activity in the 1930s, including the service in question. The Royal model has since become one of Puiforcat's emblematic cutlery perpetuating a tradition of more than 200 years.

Pieces of cutlery drawings from collection Royal