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The Art of interlacing letters

I as in Initiales

He was of course a master silversmith. But Jean Puiforcat, a creator with insatiable curiosity, also excelled in the fields of sculpture, drawing and graphic arts. For example, he produced no less than one thousand small 10 x 15-centimeter watercolor paintings, which are today lovingly stored in the Puiforcat archives. 

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Monograms original drawings

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 In these miniature works, the silversmith-cum-painter would connect, unite and interlace letters, resolutely asserting his consummate mastery of the language of Art Deco: one can see in these alphabetic variations ultra-stylized monograms including CE, AO, OG, OS, OT and YG. These initials, alas, have no hidden meaning and contain no secret allusions: Jean Puiforcat's selections of letters followed a purely aesthetic rationale based on their graphic properties, angles and curves. 

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Watch the video

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Today, these stunningly modern geometric combinations adorn one of our fine porcelain services, Initiales: a dinner plate features an S framed by an O, a calotte soup plate displays a minimalist C and E, an A and O play with perspective on a dessert plate. A way of breathing new life into the Master's rich graphic experiments through the art of porcelain. 

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