Retranscription of “Puiforcat workshop” video

This video shows the production of PUIFORCAT cutlery and tableware. Throughout the video, we can hear an ambient background music. 

The following sentence appears on the screen at the beginning of the video: Rare heritage know-how. 

The first images show the workplace and the equipment there in. 

The following images show the realization of the handmade details in solid silver. On the screen then appear dinner spoons covered with a grey powder. We can see a person wearing gloves handling the spoons. 

The following sentence appears on the screen: Exceptional cutlery and tableware in precious material. 

The following images show a woman wearing white gloves and an apron, examining a fork by turning it upside down. In the next scene, we can see a sketch lying on a workbench. The following scene shows a person shaping details on a silver tableware using a sharp tool. 

The camera closely films table accessories, on which we can distinguish the definitions very well. The next scene shows a woman hammering a tool to detail the handles of a tray. 

The camera then films the work room and the equipment therein. We can see a man polishing a cutlery. The machine that is used for polishing is filmed closely. The next scene again shows the work room. 

A man appears on screen, he is working on a tray using a hammer. The following images shows the different types of hammer present in the room. 

The last image shows a book found between containers and tools. On the book, it is written “PUIFORCAT ORFÈVRE PARIS”