Tea and coffee set Louis XV or François-Thomas Germain

The enduring gestures and techniques of silversmithing

This outstanding ensemble is named after the silversmith who made the original coffee pot that inspired the complete set a couple of centuries later. Louis Victor Puiforcat, great collector of ancient silversmith pieces and owner of the coffee pot, asked the artisans in his workshop to duplicate the original piece and challenged them to imagine the other elements to form a complete set (tea pot, coffee pot, sugar bowl, etc.). He will baptize the set the “François Thomas Germain set” to pay tribute to the famous French silversmith.

Sterling silver

This original coffee pot is the result of a combination of circumstances. In 1755, the silversmith attached to the Portuguese royal court is killed during the hearth quake that devastated the city of Lisbon. The king José 1er looked abroad for new talented artisans to replace his silversmith, wiped out during that hearth quake.  He will commission François Thomas Germain, silversmith to the kings of France, to execute a coffee pot in sterling silver.

Puiforcat Service à thé café FT Germain
Puiforcat Service à thé café FT Germain
Puiforcat Service à thé café FT Germain
Puiforcat Service à thé café FT Germain

Nowadays, the original coffee pot is part of the collection kept by le Musée du Louvre in Paris, with the greatest part of Louis-Victor’s collection. The Lisbon museum also possesses a beautiful replica.

A made to order set will require over 2,500 hours of work by the artisans of the Puiforcat workshop, including 90 hours solely for the planisher to shape the outstanding tray that will hold the complete set.

N comme Nombre d'or


The François-Thomas Germain tray:|worth more than its weight in silver


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