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Serving fork

Collection Bayonne

Designed in 1924 by Jean Puiforcat, this silverware has great formal purity. Its volumes interact as though it were a sterling silver sculpture.

L 25,5 cmL 10 in
Sterling silver

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Special finish

The Bayonne collection is also available in epargne finish as well as in gold immersion, upon special request.

Puiforcat Bayonne collection in sterling silver and gold gilt finish - set of three table cultery
Jean Puiforcat sketch and writings

It has fascinated artists in search of perfection since Antiquity. In geometric terms, the golden ratio refers to the relationship between two quantities a and b, such that a/b = (a + b)/a. Silversmith-cum-artist Jean Puiforcat also incorporated mathematics into his creative eloquence: spheres, cones and cylinders, among other curving shapes, punctuate his life's work.  Jean Puiforcat thus began to delve deeper into the “divine proportion,” as the ratio is sometimes called, to bring his silver creations ever closer to perfection. These mathematical explorations led to Art Deco spoons with a captivating particularity: when the bowl is placed on a fingertip, the stem floats in the air. One indication, among many others, of their perfect design. Evidence as well that the golden ratio and sterling silver go together beautifully.

Spoon sketch and writings