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Dining with Heads of State

E as in Elysée

This cutlery has mingled with the greats: at State dinners, the Élysée service is selected to adorn the table in France's presidential palace. A set of invaluable pieces ordered by President Vincent Auriol from the House of Puiforcat after 1947 and lovingly cared for since by the Élysée silver cleaning staff. 

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E comme Elysée
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The Élysée service consists first and foremost of sterling silver tableware stamped with the initials RF for “République Française,” the finely chiseled Regency-style handles featuring fretwork motifs typical of the early 18th century. Forks and dessert spoons were fashioned in vermeil, as were the plates and bowls that round out the service.  

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Finally, to make official dinners even more lavish, a magnificent centerpiece reigns on the table, adorned with floral compositions before the guests arrive. Restored in 2015 at the Puiforcat workshop, today it illuminates the banquet hall at least once per year for Heritage Days, under the enraptured gaze of the public. Surrounded by Sèvres porcelain, crystal glasses and priceless candelabras, the Élysée service reveals for France's most distinguished guests our country's finest tradition of excellence in the arts of the table.

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