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The history of the House of Puiforcat, a family saga

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The House's legacy was forged under the auspices of two singular dynasties. In 1820, the first of these lines, the Puiforcat family, founded a small cutlery shop in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. Brothers Emile and Joseph-Marie Puiforcat partnered with a distant cousin, Jean-Baptiste Fuchs. 

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Laure, Jean and Louis-Victor Puiforcat in 1915

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The family atelier soon flourished: as of 1915, Louis-Victor Tabouret, the husband of Laure Puiforcat, herself a descendant of the founders, transformed the company into a luxury silversmith brand renowned throughout Parisian high society for its perfectionism. In his spare time, the beauty-loving director collected classic works of Haute Orfèvrerie: with his expert eye, he would find unique pieces in auction houses, later reproducing the finest works in his workshop. Elegant Parisians thus rediscovered a full array of craftsmanship savoir-faire that was slowly succumbing to the threat of industrialization. Enthralled by his work and viscerally connected to the House under his control, Louis-Victor took the rare step of adopting his wife's maiden name to perpetuate the Puiforcat tradition. 

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Jean Puiforcat

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In the 1920s, his son Jean honorably maintained the legend by leading the Maison towards avant-garde Art Deco stylings: a visionary artist, he provided the inspiration behind the pure-lined cutlery, the tea services with their austere silhouettes and the simple and distinguished pitchers that engendered the Puiforcat legend and the brand's modernity. 

In the 1990s, the Maison Hermès acquires the silversmith, further enhancing its worldwide renown in the French tradition of arts of the table. Today, Puiforcat goes on to develop fruitful collaboration with eminent artists and designers; and can only imagine the Maison's legacy in motion, as a combination of immutable craftsmanship and continuous reinvention. 

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