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Customized or bespoke, exclusive silverwork

U as in Unique

Demanding lovers of beauty dream of owning a unique object. To satisfy their quest for exceptionalism, most Puiforcat collections are available for customization upon request. Engrave the name of a loved one, or one's own name, on a napkin ring, etch a date into an eggcup or tumbler, or even embellish the handle of flatware with initials or a coat of arms...

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Craftsmen in the workshop create these and other finishings with a burin, delicately incising the metal using time-honored etching techniques. And to stylize the message down to the smallest details, the House offers three high-quality typographies: block letters, English letters or, for unsurpassed sophistication, the Art Deco-inspired font created by Jean Puiforcat in the 1930s. The result is a unique piece, the perfect gift to offer or receive. Even more outstanding, select pieces in our collections can be dipped in 24-carat gold, taking on an unparalleled glow. 

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Table flatware Zermatt in gold immersion finish

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But the ultimate luxury is Puiforcat's bespoke creations. True to our stylistic identity and to the savoir-faire of artistic silversmithing, the House's designers and craftsmen apply all their skill and passion to meet our clients' most singular, personal and exacting requests, from designing to fashioning and finishing each unique object. Offered based on a pre-established quote, this service testifies to the unparalleled mastery that distinguishes the Puiforcat workshop.

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