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XXIst century

Creating the traditions of tomorrow

X as in XXIst century

Highlighting time-honored savoir-faire while remaining rooted in today's world: that is how the House of Puiforcat perpetuates its timeless excellence, year after year. In the 1920s and 1930s, Jean Puiforcat had already adopted this philosophy by applying age-old silversmithing techniques to the radical modernity of Art Deco stylings. 

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Collections du XXIème siècle
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 Still today, the Maison partners with contemporary designers to invent the classics of tomorrow. There is Patrick Jouin, the French creator of the Zermatt collection, a modern-day cult classic among lovers of Haute Orfèvrerie with its slender, angular lines. There is Cyprus native Michael Anastassiades, whose collection of stemless wine glasses is revolutionizing wine tasting. And then there are the high-tech kitchen knives designed by Italy's Gabriele Pezzini, not to mention the Argent de Poche collection created by French designer Pauline Deltour and featuring an exceptionally refined cigarette case, cigar cutter and pill box, among other items. 

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Serre-livre de la collection Bureau d'Architecte|Photo © Adrien Dirand

Bookend from the Bureau d'Architecte collection
Photo © Adrien Dirand

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Finally, there is the Bureau d’architecte collection, designed by Paris-based architect Joseph Dirand as a functional collection intended for the office, from letter stands to bookends, from paper trays to tape dispensers, from pencil holders to secret boxes.  All are artists of their time, proving that the timeless materials of sterling silver, steel and glass continue to combine beautifully in the 21st century. « Tradition lies in creating your own age », said Le Corbusier, the iconic architect of the 20th century and confrère of Jean Puiforcat: a motto that perfectly sums up the spirit of the Maison.  

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