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Roller coasters as a source of inspiration

Z as in Zermatt

Guéthary, Biarritz, Bayonne, etc. Jean Puiforcat was particularly fond of the Basque Country and its seaside towns. Cannes, Deauville, etc. As a man of the world, he also frequented the beaches in vogue in the 1920s and 30s. These elegant holiday destinations lent their names to flatware collections designed by the silversmith-cum-designer after his passing.  

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Zermatt 3

Zermatt flatware in stainless steel

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In 2010, the name of an opulent Swiss ski resort, far from the French coast, was chosen for the flatware imagined by architect and designer Patrick Jouin: dubbed Zermatt, his collection of stainless steel utensils reflects the harsh majesty of the Alpine terrain. The knife in particular, a simple metallic monolith with a ridge-like vein, is a direct allusion to the silhouette of Matterhorn, the sharp peak that towers over the Swiss village. And yet all the harshness of the utensil vanishes in the hand: with its handle as an extension of the blade, the knife exhibits its extraordinarily ergonomic design. As for the fork, it was intended by Patrick Jouin as a discrete tribute to Jean Puiforcat: it features three tines, two of which are rounded; the roots – the space separating the tines at their base – are slanted. Simple graphic details reminiscent of the Master's Art Deco sobriety. 

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Patrick Jouin's interview

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Three years later, in 2013, four new “formed” pieces were added to the Zermatt collection, designed by Patrick Jouin around a common theme: Autour de l'eau. A beaker, a pitcher, a vase and a wine bucket: four gleaming vessels built like steel cylinders, with strong, sharp lines and gently flared edges. True to the Zermatt spirit, they all exhibit a deeply mineral elegance.

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